What makes us different?

A lot has changed in the world over the last thirty years, and schools in the educational mainstream have not always kept up with these changes. Skills that might have been relevant in the past seem to be on the verge of obsolescence today, yet the question remains: how can we best equip our children to thrive in the future?

We are attempting to address this question by offering Atelier 21’s revolutionary approach to the educational experience. Central to the Atelier 21 philosophy is the idea that young people should be taught how to think, not necessarily what to think. By doing so, we hope to lead our students to a place where they are reasonably self-sufficient and resourceful.

Through our multi-layered approach, which makes use of academic workshops, project-based learning, and self-directed learning, we hope to stand out as a pioneering Future School that is equipped to engage our children in a way that is both meaningful and relevant to them.

Our approach also sees to it that we make use of Montessori materials to assist our students in their quest to learn different subjects. To clarify, we are not a Montessori school but you may find some overlap between our approach and the Montessori method.

We do not necessarily want to pressurise our students to pass their exams! By replacing the traditional approach to the examination process with a unique model centred around personal responsibility, we aim to inspire our pupils to develop a positive attitude towards achieving their academic goals. This approach ensures that our students will develop and master the skills required for them to thrive throughout their lives.

At Atelier 21 we are firm advocates for the rights of children and view childhood as a time during which our children should be forming connections to nature and other people. Catering for our students’ needs at this crucial point in their lifelong journey of self-discovery is a definite aim of ours.

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