Positive mental health is one of the cornerstones of success both in the school environment and in the world beyond it. At Atelier 21, we recognize the crucial nature of children’s mental health in their overall wellbeing and how that might impact their learning experience.

Drawing upon the Big 6 Learnable Intelligences* we strive to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for our whole school community (children, staff, parents and carers). In our school environment we hope to find ways to highlight the importance of our mental health and emotional wellbeing as essential complements to physical health. Some of the ways we promote good mental and physical wellbeing include:

We begin each school day with intention by practicing 15 minutes of mindfulness exercises. This promotes wellbeing and ensures that the beginning of each school day is calm and centred.

We have weekly PSHE lessons and class meetings designed to support our children’s wellbeing by exploring how our minds, bodies, relationships and personal mindset might affect our wellbeing. Pupils also take part in yoga sessions with a qualified children’s yoga instructor.

We have a wonderful chef Julia who who ensures that we have healthy and nutritious meals. Mealtime at our school is treated as a time for our students and teachers to connect with each other and serves as an open space for reflection.

Our Hands On Fridays initiative was designed to place our learners in closer contact with nature by situating their learning experience outdoors every Friday. Time spent outside has been shown to promote emotional, mental as well as physical wellbeing – and serves as fertile ground for every child to further nurture their curiosity.

*The Big 6 Learnable Intelligences are: Interpersonal Skills, Mental Agility, Thinking Skills, Decision Making Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Character Development

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