The school business

We hold onto the belief that there are some major plusses in helping our pupils to develop both financial literacy and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Financial literacy might equip them with the knowledge required to avoid familiar financial pitfalls by helping them to develop the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage money.

An entrepreneurial spirit will help them to develop a positive relationship with calculated risk while simultaneously equipping them with the necessary resourcefulness and adaptability required to thrive in our ever-changing world.

The entirety of our school community operates a school business in which the children have a stake. They are responsible for the design of both products and services and also play their role in the development and marketing of the business website. The revenue generated from the school  business is then appropriated to various ends via democratic vote.

Our older pupils are educated in wealth accumulation and strategic planning by exploring freelance work and entry into the job market. We also aim to improve their understanding of operational dynamics related to cryptocurrency and stock market trading. One of our key objectives for our older pupils is to foster their enthusiasm for learning, so to prevent learning exhaustion and fatigue, we prioritize exploring topics that are relevant to them. We believe that our approach to financial literacy achieves this goal.

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