Primary School

Our primary school caters for students aged 6-15.

With plenty of time to play and learn things of their own choosing, they will also have daily sessions dedicated to the development of their skills in literacy and numeracy. Time is also included in the day for P.E., swimming, music, art, and sculpture, with additional time set aside for self-directed learning (SDL) and reflection.

During other portions of the day, our students will be making use of the Atelier to create and complete projects as part of the school’s ‘Big Studies’ program. During Big Studies, our students will be working on a series of cross-curricular projects that run across the entirety of the school.

As the children develop and progress through the school, they will be called to take charge of their learning experience and challenge themselves more. The goal is for them to enjoy learning about things in which they show great interest (in addition to subjects they may not always enjoy as much).

Big Studies will continue to remain a part of their time at the school, but they will also have the chance to take part in mastery workshops in a broad range of subjects which includes art, design technology, science, mathematics, and English among others.

They will also have an opportunity to contribute to the School Business (our Tuck Shop) and participate in different sports. On Fridays we always conduct our learning outdoors for as long as possible as part of our Hands On Friday initiative. This will include trips to places of interest within the locale with the goal of exploring the wonders of our natural world.

The school environment

Central to the Reggio Emilia philosophy is the idea that the environment should act as a ‘third teacher’, and so our building has been designed to reflect that.

Every aspect of our school has been designed to nurture the curiosity of our students. By giving our students an environment that is well-suited to their needs, they can go about exploring the things that they find to be the most interesting and develop some life-long skills in the process .

Mastering new skills

We encourage our students to master the skills that they have learnt, but navigating the idea of mastery does not come without its challenges.

By acting as guides during the learning process, our teachers help create a safe space for mistakes to be made. Mistakes are okay and encouraged as a vital part of the learning process! The role of our teachers is to deliver this message by challenging our pupils in a meaningful way and providing the necessary support required to overcome difficulties.

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