General information

We make use of an emergent curriculum that takes our children’s question’s and theories about the world into account. It incorporates the Reggio Emilia philosophy and the Montessori method while paying attention to the guidelines set out by the Polish national curriculum to create a unique approach.

We are in the process of obtaining Cambridge Primary accreditation. This will enable us to successfully interface our teaching methodology with an internationally recognised curriculum that is well-suited to our educational approach.

Learning is a multi-dimensional process with various points of intersection. These are the five ways in which that takes place:

  1. Workshop Wednesdays – where they develop new skills to complement their academic studies
  2. Self-directed Learning (in areas of personal interest)
  3. Hands On Friday (a weekly outdoor learning experience for the whole school community)
  4. Personal projects (Big Studies – cross curricular project-based learning for real world experience)
  5. Entrepreneurship – personal growth and ‘Passion Pays’ initiative where business entrepreneurs visit the school to give inspirational talks to the children about potential future careers.

These five pillars are built upon the Reggio Emilia enquiry-based approach to learning and Guy Claxton’s ‘Learning Power Approach’ to deliver a uniquely emergent curriculum. The aim is to develop the independence of our pupils, as well as their ability to take calculated risks and acquire other life-long skills such as Guy Claxton’s Big 6 Learnable Intelligences.

What does this mean for our pupils?

Our pupils will learn not to fear making mistakes and become intelligent learners for life! With a growth mindset and a moral compass to match, they will be capable of thriving throughout their lives.

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