Year 1 (Polish grade 0) – PLN 48000 per school year or PLN 4000 paid monthly (12 months)
Year 2- Year 4 (Polish Grade 1 to Grade 3) – PLN 54000 per school year or PLN 4500 paid monthly (12 months)
Year 5 – Year 9 (Polish grade 4 – Grade 8) – PLN 60000 per school year or PLN 5000 paid monthly (12 months)

Administration fee (non-returnable) – PLN 3000
Deposit (returnable after all payments are settled at the end education) – PLN 4500


Meals provided buy a wonderful Chef Julia Trębska, who worked at our preschool branch whom we trust for the most nutritious, healthy, and tasty meals. We provide morning snack, 2-course lunch, and afternoon snack.
Pricing for meals is published before the school year starts.

Discount policy

Sibling discount – PLN 2400PLN per school year or 200 per month for the second and every subsequent child in the family.

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