Democratic school circles

Democracy is one of the pillars of our school’s ethos and so our pupils are called to have a say in the rules and decisions that most affect them. In some ways, this prepares them for the demands of democratic citizenship in the world outside of the classroom and also helps our students to feel empowered within their learning environment.

The children have a democratic say in the running of the school. Not only will they have a say on some of the rules, but they will determine how the school budget is spent and what food will be included on the school menu.

We aim to make our environment a special one where mutual respect exists between adults and young people. To maintain this, we have no school uniform requirements and our pupils are allowed to refer to their teachers by their first names.

In instances when rules have been broken, these transgressions will be brought before the school circle meeting that is helmed by both students and teachers. It is here where the appropriate sanctions are drawn up and given out by everyone in attendance at the school circle meeting. Ultimately, any serious misdemeanours or acts of intolerable behaviour will be dealt with by the Head of School.

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