Application process

Applications are now open for September 2024 for grade O (Year 1) and grade 1 (Year 2).

To find out about availability please contact:

Whilst our school is not academically selective, we are looking to work with families who are aligned with our educational values and who we think will thrive with what our community has to offer. Please note the school is only able to cater for a small number of children with some educational needs.
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You can also arrange a private tour and recruitment meeting.

To register interest in a place at Atelier 21 school for your son or daughter, you first need to complete the enquiry form below which will be directed to

Admissions Enquiry Form

Once we have received your enquiry form we will contact you to arrange a family tour. We do not select students on academic ability, but we do ensure that the whole family have similar educational values as Atelier 21 as we want to protect our culture.

The tour is an opportunity for both parties to ask questions and for you to get a feel for whether the school is right for you, and for us to decide if we believe your family will thrive as part of our progressive school community.

The last step is for your child to attend a taster day for free, and for the teaching staff to decide if we can offer your child a place at our school.
If your child has attended Blossom English-speaking Preschool of the Arts, your child will receive priority placing in Grade 0 (Year 1) class at Atelier 21 (availability dependent).

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