Introducing Atelier 21, a progressive school with a modern approach to education.

Revolutionary approach

We hope to revolutionise our approach to the learning experience by fostering an environment in which children can develop agency and nurture their curiosity through the Reggio Emilia-inspired model of self-directed learning.  

The goal is to have our pupils emerge from the learning environment as confident, autonomous individuals that are able to thrive in our ever-changing world. By making a move away from traditional teaching methods, we hope to bring our pupils closer to the centre of the learning experience. 

What makes us different?

We have re-imagined the school day to include academic workshops and time in which research projects of their own design can take place. 

We do not believe that academic success should come at the cost of our student’s health and well-being, so we have also scheduled our days to begin with mindfulness exercises to ensure that each day begins on a positive and intentional note. 

We also hope to place our learning outside of the classroom at least once a week as part of our Hands On Friday initiative. Not only will this promote the well-being of our students by placing them in closer contact with nature, but they will have an opportunity to place their learning in greater context.

 As part our school’s ethos, we hope to create a semi-democratic environment where our students can have a say in what most affects them. By doing this, we hope that the spirit of personal responsibility will be felt throughout the school.

Our curriculum

Atelier 21 makes dual-use of both Cambridge International as well as the Polish national curriculum in order to provide a world class education that is both internationally recognized and compatible with our approach to learning. This ensures that our students’ capacity for critical thought and their developmental potential is fully realized in line with the demands of the 21st century. 

Atelier 21. Future School, Crawley, UK – our founding school

Hayley Peacock, the founder of Atelier 21 Future School have followed the global progressive school movement very closely for a decade. She wanted to bring all of her learning from the best schools in the world together to create a curriculum that fits with the way children will grow up. So that they will be ready to take exams eventually but have a far more joyful and self-motivating learning experience and gain transferable skills to apply in all areas of their future lives.

“I’m so excited about giving back children their voice at school through our democratic approach and endless opportunities for agency and self-direction in our project-based learning. Our model means children’s educational experience is curated with them as co-pilots, rather than education being something that’s done TO them. To be honest, every part of what we are doing excites me!” – says Hayley.

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